Six Pack Shortcuts Live Stream Starting at 4pm CST!

Six Pack Shortcuts Live Stream Starting at 4pm CST!



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Hey everyone,
Today we’re going to have our head trainer, Clark Shao, answering YOUR questions about Six Pack Shortcuts 2, how it can work for you, and general health/fitness questions! Kate, our infamous BLACK WIDOW will also be present and they’ll be doing a workout together too!

Tune in around 3:55pm CST to catch the stream starting at 4 CST.

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We do ask that you try as much as possible to keep the questions relevant to health and fitness, since we want to help you all get fitter and live healthier lifestyles…. but on occasion, we like to have some fun too 😛

And if you haven’t already, go check out our new program. We dove deep into the literature of research on fat loss and muscle building to figure out the root of all our troubles: Faulty hormone production – specifically, your fat burning hormones, Leptin and Testosterone.

This is the reason the other programs didn’t work for you. They failed to understand the root of the problem (your hormones) and only addressed the symptoms.

Six Pack Shortcuts 2 uses specific exercise and diet techniques that are proven to revitalize your hormone system and reverse your harmfully low levels of those vital, fat-burning hormones to help you achieve the ripped, lean, muscular physique you’ve always wanted.

Don’t wait to begin your journey to the body you’ve always wanted. The “secret” is out – Hormone optimization through a diet that supports testosterone production and proper leptin function, along with using exercise to produce the afterburn effect so that you’re burning more calories during and after each workout.

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