How To Gain Muscle While Staying Ripped – With Ben Pakulski

How To Gain Muscle While Staying Ripped – With Ben Pakulski



How to get ripped and build muscle at the same time:

Hey y’all,

It’s Mike and today I want to get with you about eating the best foods for getting ripped. And who would be better to ask then IFBB Pro bodybuilder Ben Pakulski. In this video you’re going to see how you can pack on a tone of muscle and still have abs at the same time.

Video content:

1:36 Make sure that your body has the anabolic switch on. This means that your body needs the protein synthesis process going on at all time. And you actually don’t need carbs at all to do so.

2:22 One of the most important thing for keeping lean and building muscle is the importance of leucine amino acid. This is the main switch for staying anabolic and building muscle.

The average guy should take about 3-5 grams 4 times a day, and if your a larger guy like Ben, take 9 grams per serving.

3:15 One mistake for gaining muscle mass, is simply taking veggie protein. Most protein form veggies do not have the important muscle building nutrietents need to keep muscle and burn fat.

5:45 Try eating every four hours, and try to take in amino acids in between the meals to maintain muscle growth. At the same time you will be intaking much less calories.

These are the main ingredients to loss fat and at the same time build muscles.

And if your serious about building muscle and getting ripped, check out this video:

Man, I had the toughest time building bigger arms and chest. I tried free weight, machines and even all types of supplements… but nothing worked. It wasn’t until I discovered the Monster Sets training techniques and finally packed on the muscle I wants and suprisinly kept my ripped abs.

Find out how Monster Sets can help you in this video.

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