Burn Fat While Flying | 3 Tips To Stay Ripped While Traveling — Thomas Delauer

Burn Fat While Flying | 3 Tips To Stay Ripped While Traveling — Thomas Delauer



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What’s up, Six Pack Shortcuts? Today we got some very important and essential tips for you to lose weight and keep the weight from piling on while traveling.

This is perfect for those looking to look good when they get to their destination, not put on a bunch of water weight from travel, and especially for those not looking to blow all the hard work they’ve been putting in prior to traveling and vacation. So, let’s dive in:

0:49 #1 – Fast On Your Travel Day: When you go through pressurization changes in a plane, it inadvertently causes you to hold more water weight. An easy way to help this is to stick to intermittent fasting while you travel. Once you reach your destination, break your fast with a small portion of carbs, a little bit of protein, and a little bit of fat as well.

Pro tip: rice cakes are one of the best things to eat when you are to about to break your fast quickly and effectively, whether you stay in ketosis or not. Rice cakes will help to cause an insulin spike that breaks the fast in a clean fashion as well.

1:51 #2 – Macadamia Nuts: You should be eating these once you get to your location, not on the day when you’re traveling. They have a nice balance of Omega-6 to Omega-3 fatty acids, making them a solid go-to fat source.

You can munch on coconut oil or almonds as well, but for an all-in-one, Omega-balanced fat source, macadamia nuts are go-to’s.

3:07 #3 – Get Enough Sodium: This makes it so your body can remain in an “isotonic state” to retain the right amount of water to not bloat or add on water weight while traveling. Sodium will have the water you take in to retain and stay in your muscles instead of underneath the skin.

Prep yourself the day before and the morning of your travel and take in a solid amount of sodium.

There it is, guys, the top 3 best ways to keep yourself on track, continue burning fat, and keep from unwanted weight gain.

What are some of your travel rituals you tend to do? Have you ever noticed any unwanted weight gain when you fly? Let us know in the comments below so we can keep cranking out content you guys are looking for.

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