3 Mistakes Killing Your INTENSITY

3 Mistakes Killing Your INTENSITY



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Hey man,

Mike here and today I’m going to show you 3 workout mistakes that lower your intensity and how to correct it. This video will definitely show you the right path to getting the ripped abs you rightfully deserve.

First off “INTENSITY” is the amount of energy you put into your workout.

Example: If you have 100% energy and you use 100% of it, that would be considered a very high intensity workout. But if you only use 50%, that would be a low intensity workout.

This is very important because, most guys are only giving partial amounts of their energy and seeing minimal results.

**3 common mistakes that lowers your intensity:

0:55 Making your exercises easier as you get tired. Here’s what I mean. In the beginning of your workout you start off with very strict form and full range of motions. But as you get tired, if not careful your range of motion will start to decrease and even end your set early. What you want to do is hold each rep at for a second to remove the momentum of the weight and make sure you don’t bounce and cheat your yourself out of muscle growth. And as you do get tire, force your self to complete full reps, this will push your intensity level way up.

4:20 Fully exhaust your muscle. You can start with sets to failure, but drop set will ensure that you reach full failure at different levels. Start with a heavier weight and complete reps till failure, then cut the weight down 20% and repeat. Keep dropping the weight until there is no more to drop. This will make sure every bit of muscle you have is worked and fully exhausted.

5:50 Reduce rest time. Instead of resting for 3-5 minutes between sets, take it down to 60 seconds or less. This will keep your heart rate your heart rate up and at the same time keeping your reps intense. Try this out:

Do not lower your weight during your training, and reduce your rest time to less then 60 seconds. Add 3 more sets to all your exercise. You will find that you won’t be able to complete as many reps as usual… but you will make it up but doing more sets. So due to the short rest time, you’ll actually get a lot more work done in the same amount of time.

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Until then…

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