6-Minute Ab Circuit | 6 Fast Exercises For Six Pack Abs

6-Minute Ab Circuit | 6 Fast Exercises For Six Pack Abs



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What’s going on, guys? Thomas Delauer here with Six Pack Abs by Six Pack Shortcuts to bring you a six pack workout in just 6 minutes to help revolutionize the way you train your abs.

One full round, as I said, is just 6 minutes. If you still are good to go after round one, add in another round and make this a killer 12-minute ab circuit. Now, let’s get going:

0:49 – Lying Figure Eights For 60-Seconds: While on your back, put your hands to your sides with palms planted flat on the ground. Lift your legs up as though you are performing leg raises, then begin drawing a figure-8 in the air with your legs.

Keep your back flat to the ground as well, making sure to not create an arch with your lower back. This way, you don’t stress the lower back. An easy fix to this is squeezing your glutes throughout the movement. Go at your own pace, but do keep in mind that the slower you go, the harder it will be.

1:49 – Windshield Wipers for 60-Seconds: For the beginner variation, lay flat on your back with arms straight out at shoulder level; palms facing up to the ceiling. With your legs bent at the knee at a 90-degree angle, perform a leg raise and have your shins become parallel to the ground. Control this movement by focusing on carrying over your knees as far to one side as possible while keeping your back flat to the ground, then alternate to the other side.

The intermediate level variation would be identical, except with legs fully extended. This will increase the intensity.

The advanced variation incorporates a barbell and having your legs fully extended while doing windshield wipers. This locks your scapula in place, isolating the abs much more effectively.

2:49 – Lying Toe Touch Crossovers for 60-Seconds: Begin my laying flat on your back, legs extended out and just outside a hip’s width and arms extend out up, just outside a shoulder’s width.

Make sure to give a bit of an exhale at the top of the movement as the leg and arm come together. This will help to generate that separation between your abs to see all six of them.

3:49 – Dead Bugs for 60-Seconds: This will focus on the mind-muscle connection between your brain and your abs. This is crucial in having your body understand when to fire and contract the abs to build them.

The start position consists of laying flat on your back, both legs bent at 90-degree angles with shins parallel to the ground and arms extend straight forward with fingers pointed to the ceiling. Begin by extending your right leg to become fully straight, parallel to but not hitting the ground. The opposing left arm, while straight forward, will travel backward to be parallel with the floor as well.

By having an opposing leg travel simultaneously with an arm, you end up building the connectivity between your brain and your abs to signal them to contract and engage properly.

4:49 – Alternating Cross-Body Curls for 60-Seconds: While laying flat on your back, bend your legs to have your feet also flat to the floor. Imagine you are holding some kind of ball, then proceed to do a crunch up and to one side of your core. Alternate this movement between each side to sculpt all the abs.

A good tip to remember when doing this is remembering to touch the back of your right-hand touch the outside of your left leg and then alternate to have the back of the left-hand touch the outside of your right leg. If this isn’t challenging enough, then actually use a medicine ball for the movement.

5:49 – Hollow Body Rock for 60-Seconds: You have two options for this move. Either, get into the stagnant position where you have your legs bent and in the air, upper back up off the ground, and hands to your side with palms touching the outside of your leg.

Or, get in the same position and actually proceed to rock back and forth. Now, this is a controlled rock, so don’t imagine you’re a human rocking chair.

Don’t worry if you can’t hold the move for the entire 60-seconds. Instead, go for 15-seconds at a time and take a short break, then get back to it. As you progress, this move will become much easier.

There you have it, guys – a quick, killer 6-minute six pack ab circuit you can do entirely at home with no equipment. What’d you think? Too easy? Are you still having difficulty with certain moves? Let us know in the comments below so we can keep cranking out important content for you guys.

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