FREE Afterburn Fuel Giveaway! (first 50 guys to respond only)

FREE Afterburn Fuel Giveaway! (first 50 guys to respond only)



UPDATE: Sorry guys, but the giveaway is closed! To get a DISCOUNT on Afterburn Fuel when we open go to:

The 50 free bottles were given away with in ninety SECONDS of me posting this video. But if you didn’t get one, you can still claim your Afterburn Fuel on Saturday when we open. I’ll be offering a sick DISCOUNT and some FREE STUFF for the guys who sign up.

Go here Saturday August 24th to claim your Afterburn Fuel:

What’s up,

It’s Mike Chang and today I going let you know how to get my Afterburn Fuel for free. It works wonders on building intensity and thats why I’ve been taking it before everyone of my workouts.

My Six Pack Shortcuts clients have already gotten a chance to try it, now I want my youtube team to get a chance to try it out too.

0:35 Here how you can get it for FREE! Click the link right below me right now, and register. I’m going to hook it up and pay for it all. All I want in return is for you to give me an honest reply of what you think about this pre-workout for the next seven day of it. Give me your honest answer, unedited and uncensored… and post it as a response on this channel.

And in the next video, we’ve got something REALLY insane coming…a COMPETITIVE BURPEE BATTLE! Stay tuned…

And Afterburn Fuel will be available to YOU for the first time Saturday, August 24th! Mark your calender, and make sure you’re there on Saturday to claim your Afterburn Fuel before it’s all gone.

Here’s the link where you can claim your discount on Afterburn Fuel and free bonuses:

That page will go live on Saturday, and the full details on what you get will be revealed.

And tomorrow, I will be posting what I think is OUR MOST INSANE VIDEO OF ALL TIME.

Make sure you don’t miss it.

Train hard,


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