Psychotic Muscle Building Workout

Psychotic Muscle Building Workout



Get ripped FASTER with Afterburn Fuel:

In todays video, I’m going to show you how to truly do an all out intense muscle building workout. This video is going to show you how to apply some key tips for intensity and get you huge and muscular.

I want you to experience the full effect of this workout with me, so train right along side with me to feel true intensity.

3 Ways to Increase Intensity in your workouts

1. full range of motion (especially on the last few reps of your set)

2. Drop Sets at the end of every exercise (fully exhaust your muscles)

3. Shorten your rest time WITHOUT lifting lighter (try to keep it under 60 seconds)

Workout breakdown:

**4 exercises with 4 sets each / Complete each set with a drop set.

**Drop sets are when you decrease weight to complete another full set without rest. Keep decreasing weight until there is no more weight to drop.

1:40 Take Afterburn Fuel and begin workout

2:10 Pull-ups

5:07 Bent over rows

11:40 Deadlifts

15:59 Dumbbell pullovers

Remember that training with full intensity is the key to building some quality muscle. So train hardcore intense every time and if you need a insane boost to your workout, make sure you chug down some pre-workout before your workout.

And if you want to get access to the supplement I personally take before EVERY workout to amp up my intensity, you’ve got to check out Afterburn Fuel:

It’s designed to give you clean, focused energy for working out, so pushing yourself is much easier and more enjoyable. I’ve been personally using it for over a year now, and on Saturday I’m making it available to YOU for the first time.

Bookmark this page now, and come back on Saturday to get access:

And make sure to check back tomorrow for another insane INTENSITY WEEK video.

Until then…

Train hard,


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