How To Deadlift Properly: With An 8-Time World Champion Powerlifter

How To Deadlift Properly: With An 8-Time World Champion Powerlifter



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Hey guys, it’s Mark here with Abs After 40 and I’m here with a special guest – Don Salyer, an 8-time world champion powerlifter and he’s here to show us how to properly deadlift because this guy once picked up 825 pounds!

Now there are two ways to perform the deadlift, and he’s going to show us both of those and they’re sumo and conventional.

Sumo deadlifts are a little bit easier on your back, a little bit harder to do incorrectly, but they require a bit more flexibility in the hips.

Conventional deadlifts work just as well, but they require a little more activity from your lower back and a lot of people get injured trying to do these when they have bad form.

So first of all, when we start out with the conventional deadlift, make sure you’re right up next to the bar with your shins. They should actually be touching the bar. And I like to grab the bar with a crossed grip, or one hand over and the other under because it helps you avoid dropping it when you’re trying not to focus on anything but moving the weight up into the air.

With a straight back, shoulders pulled back tightly and chest pushed out, bend down and grab that weight which should be resting on your shins, and sit back into the position you’re currently in – so let your glutes get pretty low. When you begin to move, everything should move as one machine – don’t straighten your legs first or your hips first, but just stand straight up all together, avoiding any hunching or rounding in the back.

The further away from your shins you let the bar move, the harder it will be on your lower back and the more prone to injury you will become – so take care to keep that bar right next to you.

Next up I want to show you sumo deadlifts, which is the one I personally did when I competed.

The stance here is a bit different, and you will be taking a much wider stance with your toes pointed outward. This changes for every person, you will have to find the stance that is most comfortable and functional for you.

This time you’re going to bend down and grab the barbell with the same crossed grip, except now you’re reaching inside of your thighs and the bar should still be touching your shins. Again, you’re just standing straight up, pushing the hips forward at the same time the knees are straightening. Keeping your back straight and chest up is always of utmost importance here.

A quick tip for you guys who might have an injury or haven’t been able to do deadlifts for a long time, here’s the option for you:

Start with some dumbbells on a chair or a bench so that you’re not having to bend over to pick them up.

Just grab those and step backwards with a normal, shoulder width stance, hinge from the hips and let your butt move backwards as you bend your knees slightly to let the dumbbells come down some. Make sure you’re not pushing this past your limit – you can just do partial reps until your body begins to respond to the movement, improve your central nervous system’s communication with the muscles, and improve your confidence so you can bring that weight a little bit lower the next time. Continue to work your way up to this as you strengthen your back muscles as well as your glutes, quads, and hamstrings. As always, make sure you’re keeping your back straight and chest pushed forward.

That’s about all we have for you guys today, and I really hope it helps y’all out there with some back troubles that haven’t been able to take advantage of one of the best testosterone producing exercises that exists. For more information on how to boost your testosterone naturally through exercise, diet, and natural supplementation, check us out here:

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