4 Best Muscle Building Tips For Beginners

4 Best Muscle Building Tips For Beginners



The ultimate muscle building trick for beginners:

Hey y’all, it’s Mike Chang with sixpackshortcuts, and today I’m going to respond to a viewer’s question.

avidgamer749 asks: I’m 14, am I too young to start building muscles?

Response: No, you’re not. You can start working out at any age… In fact, I started working out when I was 12. But at such a young age, there are a couple of things you need to know before training.

Here’s 3 tips:

(1:04) #1 – Use proper form when lifting. Proper form will give you the muscle you’re looking for and keep you away from injuries.

(3:00) #2 – Make sure you are not over doing certain lifts with overly heavy weights.

**Avoid lifting heaving with exercises such as cleans and squats can compress your spine and might stunt your growth.

(4:42) #3 – Workout for 4 to 5 day max a week. This will ensure growth and also limit yourself from over training.

(4:46) #4 – If you’re overweight, try eating a healthier diet the majority of the time, but if your pretty lean… just eat whatever you want. 🙂

I hope this video serves you well.

And if you’re a normal guy who wants to build muscle FAST, watch this video now:

It shows you the worst MISTAKES most guys make when they start a workout program. If you’re making these mistakes, getting in shape is going to be difficult, slow, and frustrating. I show you what these mistakes are and how to avoid them — and what you should be doing instead to get the ripped body and abs that you want.

If you just started working out, do NOT go to the gym until you watch this video:

Train Hard,


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