Why You Should NOT Train Every Day

Why You Should NOT Train Every Day



How to get ripped six pack abs FAST.

Hey y’all, it’s Mike Chang with sixpackshortcuts, and today I’m going to respond to a viewer’s question.

0:09: Cash???88 asks: Should we workout everyday?

Response: No. The reason is that your body needs time to rest and grow. By training the same muscles everyday, you might actually get a reverse effect and cause muscle loss.

0:29 Two muscles you can actually train everyday are abs and calves. The reason is that these muscles are build for great endurance and will not respond to only once a week training.

0:58 How many time should we train a week? This is more of a personal preference. Some people only train each muscle once a week and some train more. Both of these methods produce great results.

*Here is what I suggest:

If you are training twice a week per body part, try doing less sets per session. If you’re training once a week per muscle, then you will need to use a lot more volume of training during that one workout. Also avoid training the same muscle 3 times per week, this will ensure your muscles get the proper amount of rest.

I hope this video helps you out.

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