Upper Body Shredder Workout – FLEX FRIDAYS

Upper Body Shredder Workout – FLEX FRIDAYS



Build a ripped and muscular upper body FAST.

Hey guys,

It’s Mike and for this weeks Flex Friday, I going to take you through my upper body shredder workout. This session is especially designed to help you rip up your upper body and give you that awesome V-taper shape that will get you all the attention when you take your shirt off.

Video breakdown

0:19 Workout description

** 3 rounds for entire workout // completing all 4 exercise equals one round.

-Push ups 30 seconds

-Bicep curls 30 second

-Dumbbell shoulder press 30 seconds

-Bicycles 30 seconds

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In there I show you one “strange” workout trick that I use to burn tons of fat and build ripped muscle called the Afterburn effect. The way that it works is that it allows me to burn lots of calories for up to 48 hours AFTER my workout is over. The reason why I like it so much is that it allows me to build muscle while also staying lean and ripped.

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Train Hard,


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