Top 20 Upper Body Exercises – Bodyweight Training

Top 20 Upper Body Exercises – Bodyweight Training



Want to build a perfect V-Taper upper body FAST?

Hey y’all,

It’s Mike with sixpackshortcuts and today I’m going to demonstrate my 20 ultimate upper body exercises. These exercise are perfect for helping you build the V-Taper body that women love and they can all be done in the comfort of your home.

**20 upper body exercise:

0:02 Standard push ups
0:08 Wide push ups
0:15 Close push ups
0:21 Side to side push ups
0:30 Burpee
0:39 Bear crawl push ups
0:46 Pike push ups
0:53 Handstand pushups
1:00 Reverse rows over hand
1:03 Reverse rows underhand
1:06 Reverse close rows overhand
1:10 Reverse close rows underhand
1:13 Clapping push ups
1:21 Alternate in & out push ups
1:29 Prone cobra
1:42 Towel pull ups
1:52 3 position towel rows
2:10 Wide overhand pull ups
2:21 Close overhand pull ups
2:28 Wide underhand pull ups
2:33 Close underhand pull ups
2:39 Side to side pull ups
2:44 Dips on bar
2:51 Chair dips
3:00 Dips off a corner

And If you’re serious about building a V- Shape upper body, watch this video.

I’ve always had trouble building muscle on my upper body. It seems like no matter what I would do, my upper body would never get ripped and muscular. Until one day I discovered a new style of training called “Monster Sets” that finally helped me build ripped muscles and finally got me the V-Shaped upper body that I’ve always wanted.

Could “Monster Sets” be the one training style that will help you build a ripped V-Shaped upper body?

Watch this video to find out for yourself.

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