Top 20 Muscle Building Exercises – Build Ripped Muscles Fast!

Top 20 Muscle Building Exercises – Build Ripped Muscles Fast!



1 old school exercise trick to build ripped muscles FAST.

What’s up y’all,

It’s Mike and I’m going to show you my top 20 exercises to build muscular legs. Many people don’t know this, but training legs can help you get six pack abs faster and build a more muscular upper body. So pay attention as we show you how to build a pair of ripped and muscular legs you’ll be proud to show off.

Video breakdown:

0:02 180 Jump squats
0:09 Standard squats
0:15 In and out squats
0:23 Jumping squats
0:29 Crab walks
0:37 Frog jumps
0:45 Box jumps
0:53 Sissy Squats
1:01 Half rep squats
1:07 Wall squats
1:13 Standard Stationary 1 leg/ alternating leg lunges
1:20 Back lunges
1:27 Around the world lunges
1:34 Jumping lunges
1:40 leg on bench/sofa luges
1:46 Ski hops
1:51 One leg toe touches
1:58 Hydrants
2:04 Donkey Kicks
2:09 Hip thrusts 2/1 leg
2:14 Calf raises 2/1 leg

I hope this workout serves you well.

And if you want more exercises to help you build a muscular body and six pack abs FAST, watch this video.

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