The Truth About Lifting Heavy – With John Barban

The Truth About Lifting Heavy – With John Barban



One exercise trick to get you shredded abs:

Hey guys,

It’s Mike and I have my buddy John today to talk about how much weight we should be lifting. In the video today, you’ll learn exactly what’s the perfect amount of weight to build the ripped and muscular body you’ve always wanted.

Video breakdown:

3 truths about lifting heavy:

0:56 (1) Trying to out lift others is a bad idea. To be honest, we’re here to build muscle not to claim to be the “strongest” guy. Lifting heavy is also dangerous and it produces minimal results.

1:38 (2) Second reason, chicks don’t care how much you can lift. Make sure you’re lifting with moderate weight to efficiently build muscle. That’s all women really care about.

2:33 (3) Injuries are very common with heavy lifts. The truth is, your joints are not made to lift enormous amounts of weight. It takes time to develop the perfect amount of muscles and joint support to lift very heavy. If you’re feeling pain with your lift, drop some weight and stay injury free.

One last thing,

John has been training for years to find the perfect techniques for developing and building the perfect male body. And In order to build this body, he’s found that your body must meet what scientists call the Adonis Ratio.

This is the scientifically proven measurements that women find irresistible and men strive to look like.

To learn more about how YOU can build an perfect looking male body with John’s Adonis Golden Ratio, check out his YouTube channel here:

And if you want to know the best exercises to build the perfect body. Watch this video now:

I’ve always had trouble getting ripped. I tried all types of workouts and even experimented with dangerous supplements, but still saw no results. Things really turned around for me once I discovered this 1 muscle workout “trick” to get ripped abs. Now all my workouts are so much more effective and I finally have the ripped and muscular body that I’ve always wanted.

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