The Perfect Male Body Formula – With John Barban

The Perfect Male Body Formula – With John Barban



Build the perfect V-shape upper body FAST.

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It’s Mike Chang with sixpackshortcuts, and today I have my buddy John Barban here to help show us how to build a perfect male body. This episode will show you exactly where and how to build the muscles needed to form the body that all women are genetically attracted to.

Video breakdown

**3 keys to building a perfect male body:

0:24 **Contract the muscle: The point of weight lifting is not to move the weight from point A to point B. It’s actually to use resistance to force the muscle to grow. In order to do so, you must have proper form and an understanding of how the muscle actually works.

2:34 **Proper rest, reps, and sets: Use the right amount of weight, set and rest time to keep your form on point and get the desired results. Try to stay around 4-6 sets with 6-8 reps, and rest no longer than 2-3 minutes on a regular set. If you are lifting max weight, rest 5 minutes at the most.

6:55 **Using lighter weights: Certain exercises do not require super heavy weights. When using heavy weight for these specific exercises, you might actually recruit the wrong muscles just to support the heavy weight.

In order to build an attractive body, you have to meet what scientists call the Adonis Ratio. This is the scientifically proven measurements that women find irresistible and men strive to look like.

To get the exact Adonis Golden Ratio measurements, check out John’s YouTube channel:

And if you want to know the best exercises to build the perfect body. Watch this video now:

I’ve always had trouble getting ripped. I tried all types of workouts and even experimented with dangerous supplements, but still saw no results. Things really turned around for me once I discovered this 1 muscle workout “trick” to getting ripped abs. Now all my workouts are so much more effective and I finally have the ripped and muscular body that I’ve always wanted.

Learn the 1 “trick” I used to finally get ripped and muscular. Watch it now:

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