TERRY CREWS – Top 3 Muscle Building Tips – Plus Black & Yellow!

TERRY CREWS – Top 3 Muscle Building Tips – Plus Black & Yellow!



How to build ripped muscle fast:

Hey guys,

I have my boy Terry Crews with me and today we’re going to show you how Terry got so damn big.

So watch this video and find out as Terry reveals his 3 top muscle building tips. If your goal is to build huge arms, then you definitely don’t want to miss this.

Bonus: Find out Terry’s all time favorite exercise to build huge guns.

0:44 Terry Crew’s 3 best muscle building tips:

1. Have a good workout habit: Don’t be lazy and stay consistent with your training. If you don’t workout, you will not grow.

2. Eat right: Eating right will help you build muscle by aiding with recovery and providing the nutrients needed for muscle growth. Also you have to stay on a strict eating system to keep lean so that your muscles will show all ear round.

3. Prevent injuries: Remember to always use proper form when lifting. If you get hurt, you’ll limit your training, which will equal muscle loss.

Wow, I hope that helped you as much as it had helped me.

And if you want to know how Terry Crews and other celebrities build ripped muscle fast, check out this video.

I also show you one crazy muscle building trick that my celebrity friends and I personally use to prepare for movie roles and photo shoots — and which dozens of my clients have used to build ripped muscle as well.

If you’re tired of being skinny — and you want to FINALLY get a ripped, muscular body — you need to see this:

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