Perfect Pecs Workout

Perfect Pecs Workout



How I finally built a ripped and muscular chest:

Hey guys,

Mike here with sixpackshortcuts, and today I will show you my perfect chest workout. It’s going to help you build a ripped and huge chest you can be proud of.

Get your dumbbells ready and lets do this.

Workout breakdown:

*One round equals all three exercises are done with ten reps each.
*Rest only for only 30 second and only after each round.
* Make sure when you’re doing the flyes, try not to curl your wrist in. This will but more focus on the chest and less on the arm.


Low Burpee // 10 reps

Dumbell flyes // 10 reps

Push ups // 10 reps

Hope your as pumped as I am,

And if your serious about building muscle FAST, check out this video.

The truth is, my chest hasn’t always been in shape. In fact, my chest used to be so flat that it looked caved in!

But as you can see in my photos, I was able to FINALLY get the ripped chest I always wanted…and I’ll show you how you can do the same in this video:

Train Hard,


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