New 2-Minute Killer Bicep Workout Feat. Connor Murphy

New 2-Minute Killer Bicep Workout Feat. Connor Murphy



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Hey, guys, remember the last time you were in the gym at the weights, curling those dumbbells to get those biceps bigger? Probably wasn’t too long ago, now was it? Well, to help you out with building those arms up to look better for the ladies and change things up in your workout routine, we got Connor Murphy here to show you just 1 simple bicep exercise for building those big arms you want.

Today we introduce you to the Bicep Ladder. If you’re in the gym, using a squat rack with adjustable safety bars or a Smith machine. We’re going to use a squat rack with adjustable safety bars in the video.

What’s different about this workout is that it incorporates both a “drop-set” style pace as well as changing heights of the movement to hit the biceps from multiple angles. Get the exercise ready by placing the bar at an arm’s length away from you when you are laying flat on your back.

0:47 – How To Execute A Bicep Ladder Curl: As Connor has explained here, when laying flat on your back with your chest underneath the bar, grab the bar with an underhand grip (palms facing towards you). When performing the curl, you are going to want to focus on using your biceps and arms to curl your head towards the bar and control yourself going up and down by engaging and contracting your biceps.

Now, since this is a “drop-set” style exercise, go until failure on the first height of the bar, then lay down, let go, and move the bar up one position. Your goal is to get through three sets to failure, changing the height up after you complete each set.

Want to take it to the next level? Increase the jump in height after each set or add in an additional fourth set. Make sure you’re pushing yourself to build those big, strong biceps you want to show off around town.

If you’re working out at home, it may get tricky when it comes to adjusting the height of the bar. A home setup we find that can work is grabbing a sturdy, thick broomstick or something similar and placing it across two chairs of the same height. Make sure the broomstick isn’t going to roll off the top and that everything is secure and safe before starting any exercise.

Once you get all set up, what you can do instead of adjusting the height of the bar is change the tempo or how fast you are doing each curl for every set. For example, for the first set perform a curl up and slowly count backward from Three….Two…One…All while slowly lowering your body back to the start position. Do this for 10-12 reps, then for the next set, count back from Five…Four…Three…Two…One…And continue this pattern for the remaining sets.

How did these feel for you? What are your favorite bicep workouts? What else are you struggling with ion your training? To make sure we get the chance to respond to your comments and questions, go to now.

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