True Or False? Does This Get You Ripped Abs?

True Or False? Does This Get You Ripped Abs?



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What’s going on, Six Pack Shortcuts Fam? It’s your boy, Jonny, here and today I’m joined by master pick-up artist and YouTube sensation Connor Murphy to go over 3 fitness mistakes you could be making right now.

It’s important that you understand what not to do when it comes to losing fat or building muscle because if you start off doing the wrong thing or thinking the wrong way, after a while those become habits and beliefs, making it that much harder in the long run to:
-Lose fat and keep it from coming back
-Building muscle and maintaining a lean physique you

So, let’s dive in:

0:40 – Myth #1: You Have to Eat Massive Amounts of Protein to Make Gains. When a lot of people set their eyes on getting bigger, the most commonly searched and tried method is eating tons of protein. Taking tons of protein shakes per day, eating pounds and pounds of chicken breast, and basically endorsing this idea of “bulking” where you try to eat everything in sight.

The body can only absorb so much protein in a given day, therefore flooding your body with all this protein that can’t be absorbed. A good rule of thumb is taking in 0.8-1.5 grams per pound of body weight in protein per day.

Also, eating too much protein, but not eating enough of the other important macronutrients like carbs will take a hit. You still need carbohydrates in your diet to have the energy you require to fuel your workouts. On a list of energy sources your body uses, carbs are at the top, followed by dietary fats, with proteins being the last resort.

1:58 – Myth #2: You Have to Lift Massive Amounts of Weight to Make Gains. This causes the “ego-lifting” complex where you run a higher risk of injury. In the long run that can get you stronger but isn’t going to be adding on the muscle mass and getting the definition you want. Rep ranges from 8-15 for 3-4 sets on exercises with proper form are going to pay off a lot more than struggling on heavier weights, only hitting only a good 4-5 reps.

When you lift heavy or at levels of 90% and above of your max weights on lifts, you lose a sense of keeping good form and engaging the muscles you are looking to build, where instead you just worry about getting the weight up and not dying.

Focus on building up your mind-muscle connection, where you understand how to move and work your muscle so you can start actually feeling it work – expanding and contracting – while doing reps. There’s so much more benefit to feeling and seeing the muscle work to understand and track your progress.

2:59 – Myth #3: You Have to Have Great Genetics to Make Gains. A lot of the time, people confuse “bad genetics” with poor diet and training execution to explain why things aren’t working.

When people call themselves “hard gainers” they forget one basic rule: eating more! This is what’s called “The Law of Thermodynamics,” where if you are taking in more calories, known as a being in a caloric surplus, then you will gain weight.

3:41 – To Recap All These Myths:
-Massive Protein = Massive Gains… BUSTED
-Crazy Weight = Crazy Gains… BUSTED
-Killer Genetics = Killer Gains… BUSTED

Were you making these mistakes with your training? What other issues are you still running into? To make sure we get the chance to respond to your comments and questions so we can help you out, make sure to go to now.

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