How Normal Guys Can Get Six Pack Abs — With Connor Murphy

How Normal Guys Can Get Six Pack Abs — With Connor Murphy



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What’s going on, guys? Kelly here at Six Pack Shortcuts and today we want to introduce our newest member – Connor Murphy.

Connor is a YouTube sensation, with his own videos going viral of him picking up girls by taking his shirt off and showing off his sick pack abs. Balancing being an NPC physique competitor and college, Connor wanted to go over how he got started and continued to crush it.

Today Connor wanted to go over 5 tips on how he has built his six pack abs, balancing college and fitness, as well as his favorite exercises.

Tip #1: Don’t sweat meals – don’t make a big deal out of your eating. Especially if you’re busy in college or at work, pick foods that are very easy to prepare. That way you don’t add any unnecessary stress on trying to meal prep, spend a lot of time cooking and taking away from other things.

Tip #2: Training – It doesn’t take a lot of time working out to get results. Connor is quite advanced, spending at most 1 hour working out. Beginners really only need to spend 45 minutes working out, and if that’s too much time to try and commit to being healthy and living a fit lifestyle, then you may have to relook your priorities.

Tip #3: Bringing out your six pack abs by having a low body fat percentage. Ab exercises can get the roundness of how the abs look, but make sure you’re eating in a deficit to lower your body fat percentage to have the six pack abs look you want.

Tip #4: Chest and shoulders are two of Connors favorite muscle groups to work out since broad shoulders and a bigger chest gets you a better V-taper physique. Incline bench is his favorite workout for chest and lateral raises for shoulders.

Tip #5: Moderation is key. Balancing college, a career and personal life, you can afford to eat out or have that cheat meal from time to time if you’re looking to do that. Remember: eating food and that enjoyment only lasts for a little, but a healthy and athletic physique can last a lifetime.

Here’s something that most people don’t know about Connor… He admits to not being as confident as you may think – he’s shy! However, building up his six pack abs and putting himself out there in his videos has definitely helped to boost up his confidence.

What questions do you have for Connor? What tips or workouts do you want him to go over next? Let us know in the comments below so we can keep posting content you guys are looking for. Don’t forget – like, share, and subscribe to Six Pack Shortcuts to see what’s next with Connor and the rest of the team.

See you later!

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