Insane Arm Workouts | Bicep & Tricep Buddy Superset Exercise

Insane Arm Workouts | Bicep & Tricep Buddy Superset Exercise



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What’s going on, Six Pack Shortcuts? Jonny here and today I have something very special to bring you guys. As you may or may not know, the Six Pack Shortcuts family lost our brother Clark Shao in a tragic accident last year.

We miss Clark, his energy, presence, and personality, so as a way to give tribute to him we thought it was the right time to release the last few videos we shot. Clark was always a man who spread positivity and preached living life to it’s fullest, and he would’ve wanted you all to see these videos.

As a way to remember him by, we have setup a donation page with YMCA Greater Houston to give back to Clark’s hometown and community to promote healthier living and lifestyles for families and young people. Just go to to donate on Clark’s behalf.
Remember back in grade school where teachers would have you use the buddy system? Well, today we’re going to be using that same concept in an arm day workout to hit the biceps and triceps with this killer arm superset between the two of us.

How this is going to work is in total for each set we are going to do 100 reps between the two of us – I do 15 reps, Clark does 15 reps; I do 20 reps, Clark does 20 reps – passing the weight back and forth until we get to 100 total. It’s OK if your partner is doing a different number or reps since the goal is to get to 100 reps total between you two.

We are going to do 3 rounds with a total of 600 reps between us – let’s get it:

4:06 – Floor Skullcrushers for 100 reps: An efficient way to setup for this workout is to have the weight in between you and your partner with both of you laying flat on your back with the tops of your heads to one another. This is supposed to work your triceps, so make sure that is where you are feeling the muscles contract.

A great tip to remember is to focus on keeping your elbows in the same spot the whole time, actually making sure to squeeze at the top to fire the triceps and controlling the weight down.

8:36 – Bicep Curls for 100 reps: Remember not to swing the weight up – you want to stay away from having to use momentum to curl the weight, so if that’s a problem lower the weight – you’re going to end up doing 100 reps total after all.

The form is essential as well, guys, so notice the range of motion for the curl – you don’t go all the way to the top or else the shoulders will have to take over instead of working the biceps.

If you really want to challenge yourself, change some reps up to do reverse curls with your hands facing away from the body. This is a whole lot harder, but see what you can do.

This kickass buddy workout is really designed to be done in the shortest amount of time as possible while not sacrificing form and effectiveness. By working out hard and tearing down your muscle fibers to prime your muscles to grow, the pump you achieve will actually help to carry all the good nutrients from the food you are eating to grow the muscle.

What kind of buddy workouts do you like doing? Too easy – what should we do next time for you then? Let us know in the comments below or by going to so we can keep posting all the content you guys are looking for.

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