Do Women Want Men With Six Pack Abs? CONNOR MURPHY Finds Out The Truth!

Do Women Want Men With Six Pack Abs? CONNOR MURPHY Finds Out The Truth!



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Build Six Pack Abs For The Women Of You Dreams:

What’s up, YouTube? Connor Murphy here today with Six Pack Shortcuts. Today we’re going to try and get some girl’s numbers.

Looks like I got a bit of a belly, right? Well, today I’m going talk to a few different women about getting abs as a New Year’s resolution… Let’s see what happens when I take some of their tips and build up my six pack abs!

Since it is a new year, a lot of you guys out there mya have made some kind of New Year’s resolution to get in shape – lose belly fat, get a six pack, build muscle, etc. I have one question for all of you: Why?

Yeah, you can get a six pack and look shredded, but what is the reason behind it? Maybe it’s to get the attention of that certain somebody? Or maybe it’s to improve your confidence? Either way, making the goal to get a six pack all starts with why it’s most important to you.

If you’re like me in the video, I needed tips on how to build up my six pack abs. I took some advice from these girls I spoke with and they said to do:

-Jumping jacks
-Run a marathon

I didn’t even know how many to do to get my abs…Most guys don’t either. Men out there think that these same exercises and methods are how to get six pack abs, but really, there’s much more to it.

I made deals with these women that if I got six pack abs by the end of the year, they would give me their numbers… I would’ve had to lay there doing like 1,000,000 sit-ups before I could get that girls number! So my final question is: do YOU want to do that? Didn’t think so. I built my six pack and got some attractive women’s numbers today. So… what’s stopping you?

Thanks for watching everyone. I’ll be here on the Six Pack Shortcuts channel showing all you guys more not only on how to build your six pack abs but how to be more confident too. Comment below with all your questions on building six pack abs so we can get you all the answers you deserve.

Happy New Year!
-Connor Murphy

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