Top 3 Rookie Workout Mistakes — With Connor Murphy, Henry Tran & Jonny Catanzano

Top 3 Rookie Workout Mistakes — With Connor Murphy, Henry Tran & Jonny Catanzano



Start Doing The Right Workouts To Build Six Pack Abs Now:

What’s going on, everybody? Jonny here with Six Pack Shortcuts and today I got my boys Connor Murphy and Henry Tran in the building. We just got finished up with a killer workout, and while we were just talking, started thinking back to when this all started for us…Especially all the mistakes we made along the way.

Today we wanted to break down 3 of our top rookie mistakes that you should completely avoid when starting to workout and get your six pack abs. If we could go back in time in the Back To The Future DeLorean and tell mini Connor/Jonny/Henry what to avoid, this is what we would say:

Rookie Mistake #1 – 1:08: You Don’t Need To Go To The Gym. Connor said it best – start working out at home with basic body weight exercises. Start out with just chin-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, just any workout that doesn’t require equipment. Once you start seeing development and getting into the swing of things, then worry about getting in the gym to get more advanced.

Rookie Mistake #2 – 1:54: Don’t Overtrain. Calm down with spending hours and hours at the gym. Consistency is more important than spending such a long period of time in the gym. It can potentially do more harm than good if your spending 2-3 hours at a time working out, so make sure to be efficient and effective – start out with just training 30-45 minutes at a time.

Rookie Mistake #3 – 2:20: Don’t Ego Lift. Strength comes over time so you shouldn’t be concerned with moving the heaviest weight possible. Henry made a point that using the right weight for the workout is a lot more important than going heavy – get the basics down first and train with what you can tell your body can do.

Are you making these mistakes still today? What other mistakes did you make starting out? Let us know in the comments below what you’re looking to fix or any other questions you may have so we at Six Pack Shortcuts can keep putting out awesome content for you.

Like I said guys, make sure to avoid making these mistakes starting out to ensure you make progress and build that physique you want and deserve. Thanks for watching and don’t forget – like, share, and subscribe to Six Pack Shortcuts.

See Y’all Next Time,
-Jonny Catazano, Connor Murphy & Henry Tran

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