Monster Shoulder Workout

Monster Shoulder Workout



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Hey guys,

Today my buddy Johnson and I are going to show you our Monster Set workout. This is a killer workout you can do all at home and will really help you build some incredible muscle fast.

Press play and train along with us.

Monster set workout routine:

**Monster Sets are two opposing exercise done back to back without rest.

**Complete 3 sets x 8 reps of both Monster Sets to complete the workout.

0:39 Exercise explanation

1:24 Lets start the workout

-Close grip shrugs: Close grip shrugs are similar to regular shrugs except you are hold them on a more narrow grip. have the dumbbell directly in front of you and touching. Shrug and squeeze the traps muscle on every rep.

-Monster Set with standing shoulder press: Have the dumbbells held on top of the deltoids at shoulder width, and push directly over your head.

-Seated upright rows: Seated at the edge of the bench, Pull the dumbbells towards your upper back with elbows leading. Squeeze the upper back and shoulder muscles as bar rises

-Monster set with under hand shoulder press: This is very similar to the standing should press, except you will have your palm facing you and you will be seated. Press straight up as you would with the shoulder press.

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Train Hard guys!


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