MONSTER New Year’s Giveaway!

MONSTER New Year’s Giveaway!



1 crazy trick to build muscle:

Hey guys,

Happy new year’s! Hope you had a great time celebrating…I know I did!

And to kick of 2013 with a bang, I’ve got some GREAT NEWS…

We are doing another New Year’s Giveaway this year…and it’s going to be even BIGGER and BETTER than last year! Since the theme was fat loss last year, this year the theme of the Giveaway is going to be MUSCLE BUILDING.

If you’re only interested in losing fat, I’m also giving some free stuff away on my Insane Home Fat Loss channel — you can check it out here:

For you guys who want to build muscle, here’s what we’ll be giving away on the sixpackshortcuts channel:

– A new YouTube video EVERY DAY for the next week giving you the most powerful muscle building techniques I learned in 2012

– Ten free copies of Monster Mass, my new home muscle building workout course.

– Discounts and free bonuses for the first 1000 guys to sign up for Monster Mass.

Want to win a free copy? Here’s how to enter:

Step 1: Submit a VIDEO RESPONSE to this video telling me about the results you got with my products or YouTube videos in the past. I am looking for the ten people who made the MOST DRAMATIC transformations, so make sure to tell me specifically what you learned from me and what results you got.

Step 2: Go to this page to submit your before and after pictures:

I HIGHLY recommend BOTH making a video response and submitting your before and after pics if you want to win. The competition is going to be fierce, so make sure that you give yourself the best shot of getting a free copy.

And even if you don’t win, I’ll be sending you a private discount link to get access to Monster Mass for 50% off what everyone else will pay to thank you for entering the contest.

This will be a KILLER event, and I am rooting for you to win that free copy. Start by submitting your before and after pictures now:

Thanks man! Looking forward to seeing your pics.

Train hard,


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