Killer V-Cut Abs Workout

Killer V-Cut Abs Workout



How to get V-Cut Abs FAST:

What’s up guys,

It’s Mike with sixpackshortcuts and today I show you my V- Cut abs workout. This video will help you build the perfect shape abs that women find irresistible.

Video breakdown:

We’ll be combining four of my personal favorite abs sculpting exercises and super-setting them to create an ultra intense and effective abs workout!

** 7 rounds of 30 seconds per exercise followed by 15 seconds of rest.


0:32 Bicycle super-set with jackknife.

Start with bicycle crunches where you alternate touching left elbow to right knee and right elbow to left knee. Right after that, go directly into a jack knife crunch without rest. Jack knife is where you reach for a toe touch as you lift you leg straight in the air.

I hope this serves you well.

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Train Hard,


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