Killer Ab Workout: Pro Strongmen vs. Six Pack Shortcuts!

Killer Ab Workout: Pro Strongmen vs. Six Pack Shortcuts!



How I went from FAT to six pack abs:

Hey guys,

It’s Mike and I’ve got the strongest men in the world training abs with me today. In this video, we’ll show you two different styles of abs training that will give you crazy strong and ripped abs.

4:15 And you’ll also see one of the most AMAZING lift I’ve ever seen… This is the true meaning of having strong abs.

Video breakdown:

Since these guys don’t have visible abs, I wanted to see if they are still able to preform abs exercise as well as us normal guys do.

Abs routine:

1:00 Jack knifes – Lay flat on your back and have your arms extended out over your head. Then reach out and touch your toes as you lift your legs at the same time.

1:50 Push up position knee to elbows – Get into a push up position and have your left knee touch your left elbow then repeat with the right.

2:42 Cross elbow to knee crunches: Lay flat on your back an have your hands behind your head. Lift both knees up and have your right elbow touch your left knee and left elbow to right knee.

I definitely hope this helps you understand ab training better.

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As you can tell from my photos, I didn’t always have six pack abs. In fact I was fat and wore big baggy shirts to hide my belly. Until one day I found this 1 Fat burning “trick” that finally helped me get the ripped body and six pack abs I’ve always wanted.

Learn the 1 “trick” I personally used to get a ripped six pack abs. Watch it now:

Train Hard,

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