INSANE 1 minute workout – can you survive it?

INSANE 1 minute workout – can you survive it?



I used to be FAT until I discovered this 1 strange trick for getting ripped:

What’s up Sixpackshortcutters,

Oh yeah, it’s time for my greatest creation. I’ve set up an ult-ult-ult ultra combo for fat burning and muscle building all in one.

Today I’m going to take you through what some are saying the hardest workout ever. This specialized combination of exercises will melt your fat and give you the ultimate muscle pump. This workout will definitively put some ripped muscle on you and get you an athletic look that women will drool over. 🙂

Video Breakdown:

** One rep of this exercise is a combination of these 5 exercise done back to back fluidly without rest.

**5 rounds total: 60 seconds on /15 seconds rest

One rep = Burpee to jumping knee tuck to a pike into a knee to elbow then to a forward and back jump squat.

Man, I hope you had an awesome workout

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Train hard,


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