How To Get Ripped WITHOUT Dieting

How To Get Ripped WITHOUT Dieting



Delicious “cheat” foods that get you ripped:

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In today’s episode, we’re going to talk about one of the most popular diets out there…THE PALEO DIET. I’m going to show you why I think the Paleo diet SUCKS, and why I don’t personally follow it. I’ll also show you the much simpler diet system that I use instead to get lean and ripped — and I’ll show you how you can start using my diet system as well.

This one is sure to ruffle the haters’ feathers…lol.

Before we get into it though, I want to make it clear that I actually think that the Paleo diet is one of the better “diets” out there. My own diet has a lot of similarities to the Paleo diet, and theoretically if someone COULD comply with the Paleo diet consistently they WOULD lose fat and maybe even gain a little bit of muscle. I’ve personally learned a lot about nutrition from people who follow a “Paleo” philosophy, and I think they have a lot of useful information to teach us.

But the reason why I think the Paleo diet SUCKS is that its performance for average clients in the real world is atrocious. That’s because many factors make the Paleo diet extremely difficult and inconvenient to follow. This leads to the vast majority of people who try and follow the Paleo diet failing, and gaining back MORE fat than they had originally.

But don’t worry…there is hope! And I’ll show you exactly what to do instead of following the Paleo diet in this video.

Here’s the video breakdown:

0:26 Paleo diet: With this diet, you are only allow to eat foods that can be either gathered or killed. This seems like a good idea since it eliminate about 90% of all carbs we’re currently eating… but the problem is I love carbs. 🙂

Another problem is that it doesn’t tell you how to conveniently store or carry these foods for easy accessibility.

Here are some examples of why this might not work.

3:41 No time to cook: With school, work, and life… it can get tough

5:05 Not efficient: What if you don’t have these foods? What if you want to have drinks with friends. How long can you keep up a lifestyle you don’t want to live.

5:58 Healthy foods taste bad: It’s tough to stick on a diet with so much taste restrictions.

6:38 What I do now: I prepare 1 week’s worth of meals with my eating system. They include the foods that I like to eat and I’m allow to have the freedom to look great and still live a normal life.

7:25 My eating tricks to make foods taste great.

– Coconut oil

– Add sauces

I hope this video has helped.

And if you want to get ripped without eating diet foods, check out this video:

I’ve tried all types of diets to get rid of my belly fat, but they were all just so hard to follow. I hated diet foods, the hours of cooking, and worst of all… my belly fat looked the same. It wasn’t until I discovered this one eating system that actually allowed me to eat the foods I love and finally got me the ripped body I’ve wanted for so long.

In this video I show you exactly what this eating system is so that you can burn off your belly fat and get a ripped body like I finally did. Watch this video now:

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