How To Get A Body That Attracts Women (Adonis Golden Ratio)

How To Get A Body That Attracts Women (Adonis Golden Ratio)



How to build a body that women loves:

Hey man,

Today I have my good friend John Barban to show us how to build the perfect male body.

Video breakdown

Adonis Golden Ratio is the key to having more sex!

00:23 Adonis Golden Ratio: A way to proportional build your body to become more attractive to women. It shows you the exact measurements you need to create a visually more powerful physique.

1:56 The Adonis Golden Ratio also teaches us that it’s not about packing tons of weight on and instead it’s about building the right amount of muscle in the right places.

**Ratios for the perfect male body:

Your shoulders should be 1.6 times bigger than your waist.

You waist should be under 45% of your height.

2:55 Not only are women genetically encoded to being attracted to this look, men will also become envious of it. This will make you display the natural Alpha Male vibe just by simply being shaped a certain way.

3:20 Women also have a ratio called the Venus Ratio.

6:10 You can buy programs to teach you how to talk to women. But if you have a great body, girls will naturally be drawn to you. You won’t even have to talk.

8:44 Having this body will get you tons of respect from co-workers, your boss, and even your friends. Overall, if your body is closer to the ratio you will be treated a lot better even if you don’t deserve it.

9:58 Most important measurements are around your waist at your belly button and around your shoulder.

And if you want more tips on building the perfect ratio body, check this video out now.

Like I said in the video, girls used to ignore me. I was pretty much invisible to all women until I finally discovered this “1 workout trick” that help me build the body that women absolutely loves.

It’s kind of weird but women actually are the ones approaching me and asking me out nowadays.

This video has the same workout trick that help me and I know it’ll help you too.

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