Home Abs & Cardio Workout

Home Abs & Cardio Workout



Get ripped and shredded six pack abs FAST.

What’s up sixpackshortcutters,

It’s your boy Mike with sixpackshortcuts, and today I’m show you my home abs & cardio workout. This killer workout is designed to burn every bit of remaining fat on your belly and really get your abs popping out. You’ll be training in a very low position and will require you to train all your explosive muscles as you burst with every rep.

Time to train, Lets go.

Workout breakdown:

**Complete the entire list of exercise for 1 round

**2 reps for each exercise

**Exercises are done back to back

**No rest in between exercises or rounds.

Plank to elbow
Knee to elbow (push up position)
Half burpee
Mountain climber
Push up

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Train Hard,


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