Hanging Abs Blitz Workout

Hanging Abs Blitz Workout



Get your abs shredded now:

Hey y’all,

Mike here and I have my buddy Wes with me again to show you his hanging abs blitz workout.

1:12 Hanging leg raises – Hang on a bar and lift your knees up without rocking.

2:12 Hanging straight leg raises – Same as prior leg raises except your legs will be straight out as you lift them up.

2:42 Windshield wipers – Hanging from a bar, slowly lift your knees up to belly button height with a 90 degree bent. Alternate twisting from side to side.

2:57 Windshield wipers straight legs – Same as the prior windshield wipers, except your legs will be straight out instead of having the 90 degree bend.

How to create an ab workout.

3:30 Warm up with the plank, or basic crunch. Then do 2 -3 set with one of the hanging leg raises or windshield wipers exercises for about 10 to 12 reps.

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