Freaking Crazy Cardio Workout

Freaking Crazy Cardio Workout



Get a ripped body and sixpack abs FAST:

Whats the deal y’all,

It’s Mike Chang with sixpackshortcuts, and I’m about to show you a freaking crazy workout. When I say crazy, I mean it. These exercises are going to get you so shredded and so ripped that your abs would have no choice but to pop out and scream for help. And oh yeah, women would have no choice but to adore you. 🙂

Lets not waste time and and get the workout started.

**Video breakdown:

30 second for each exercise
No rest in between
Repeat for three sets


High knee
Push up with knee combo
Jumping lunges
Burpees with out the pushups

Man, I hope you enjoyed the video.

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Train hard

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