Farrah Abraham does M-100s!

Farrah Abraham does M-100s!



Burn stubborn belly fat now:

What’s up y’all

It’s Mike with Sixpackshortcuts, and today I’ve invited my celebrity workout buddy Farrah Abraham to help us out. Farrah and I are taking it old school and bringing back the M-100 workout. This workout is definitely an all time favorite among sixpackshortcuter and there’s a good reason for it. This exercise routine will burn off the your belly fat and reveal the lean and hard body you’ve been training for.

Workout breakdown:

M-100 workout

**Repeat 3 times

-Burpees: 10 reps

-Mountain climbers: 10 reps

-Double pump squats: 10 reps

Man, I hope you had as great of a workout as I did.

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Train hard

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