Extreme 6 Min Upper Body Workout – FLEX FRIDAYS

Extreme 6 Min Upper Body Workout – FLEX FRIDAYS



Build a ripped athletic body FAST.

What’s up guys,

It’s Flex Friday y’all, and this week we’re doing some workout combos that will get you ripped up FAST.

And if you don’t know, we also get our progress pictures taken right after the workouts. So get your picture done too so you can keep track of your progress and make sure you’re heading in the right direction for getting ripped six pack abs.

Join us on Flex Friday by sending in your progress pics to:

Workout breakdown:

**5 rounds for 30 seconds with 15 second rest in between.

0:26 Demonstration

0:28 Pushups

0:32 To 5 mountain climber

0:35 To dumbbell cleans

Hope this serves you well.

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