Can Muscle Turn To Fat If You Stop Exercising?

Can Muscle Turn To Fat If You Stop Exercising?



Burn belly fat and get a muscular ripped body FAST.

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Today’s video is going to prove to you that muscle will never turn into fat. I’ll also tell the truth about preventing muscle loss and eliminating fat gain so that you can get and keep the ripped body you worked so hard for.

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**So we’re going to talk about two types of people….people that workout and lazy bums.

Many people tend to believe that when you stop training, your muscles will turn into loose fat. This is completely not true.


When we stop training, our metabolism slows down and we burn less calories on a daily basis. But the one thing that doesn’t change when we stop training is our eating habit. So if you continue to eat the same amount of calories while the body is burning less calories, your going to get fat.

At the same time without continuous training, your body will start losing the muscle because it doesn’t need it anymore, due to inactivity. (use it or lose it) With the fat build up and muscle loss, it’s easy to see why many people would think that muscle turns into fat. But they are independent to each other.

Here’s the prevention, If for some reason you are not able to train for a period of time. You must cut out some of your daily calorie intake. This will not prevent the muscle loss but you will not gain any fat, in fact you will get leaner.

So the bottom line is to keep training or cut out the calories.

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