7 Stretches That Get You Ripped

7 Stretches That Get You Ripped



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Hey guys, it’s Mike Chang and today I’m going to teach you how to stretch for explosive muscle growth. This is one stretching method that you can use after every workout to maximize muscle growth and make sure your muscles stay lean and ripped.

Video Breakdown

**Here’s how stretching will help build muscles.

0:27 (#1) Stretching helps you get a larger range of motion by creating greater flexibility. A larger range of motion will allow you to fully train the entire muscle and give you the muscular development you’re looking for.

1:22 (#2) Stretching keeps you safe. Being more flexible, your chances of injury is greatly reduced. Example: Minimized muscle tears, strains and pulled muscles.

**Stretches (Hold all stretches for 5 to 10 seconds)

2:26 Leg and back stretch. Sit down with your feet spread apart and stretch towards your left, right legs respectively.

3:48 Pigeon stretch: Have one leg in front and one leg back as you lean forward. Switch legs and complete the same stretch.

4:32 Forward fold: Place feet straight out and together. Lean forward and focus pushing your stomach to your thighs.

5:28 Butterfly stretch: Place feet together and pull it close to the body. Then slowly lean forward placing your head towards your toes.

6:36 Child’s pose: Lean towards the left, right and also lean towards the center for a complete back stretch.

7:08 Cobra pose: Place your self in push up position, and push up while keeping your lower body flat on the ground.

Alternate between the Child’s Pose and the Cobra.

**Upper Body stretches

7:56 Hands behind the head: Pull the elbow towards the other side of the body for full stretch. Complete for both sides.

8:31 One arm over the front: Try placing the arm higher near the neck then at the lower chest area. This will allow you to get a complete overall stretch for the lat and shoulder. Do with both arms for the complete stretch.

9:08 Lat stretch: Grab on to a stable desk and lean forward with head between your arms while in a bent over standing position.

10:54 Chest and bicep stretch: Stand up with palm flat on the wall beside you. Lean your body forward for a full stretch. Complete for both sides.

12:00 Hamstring Stretch: Place both hands above you palms on the wall. Have one foot forward and one foot back. Lean forward as you stretch the leg behind you.

12:49 Hip flexor lunge: Go into a crescent lunge, and please the leg behind you further back for a hip flexor stretch.

14:32 Spinal twist: Lay on your back in an arms and legs out X position. Lift one leg over the other while keeping the upper body flat on the ground. Repeat this with both legs.

16:01 Leg over head stretch: Lay on your back, and while keeping your legs together lift and try to stretch the legs behind the head.

I hope these stretches serve you well.

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