4 Tips For Busy Men To Get Ripped — With Thomas DeLauer, CEO & Fitness Model

4 Tips For Busy Men To Get Ripped — With Thomas DeLauer, CEO & Fitness Model



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Hey guys, my name is Thomas and the guys over at Six Pack Shortcuts were generous enough to let me share my story with you… I have experienced a pretty drastic transformation myself, and today I am going to bring you 4 things that you can do to alter the way you look at business as well as your health.

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0:50 – Tip number one: Start working out in the morning. This doesn’t necessarily mean crawl out of bed and head straight to the gym – Just get active, do something. Getting your circulation amped and priming your body to burn fat as it’s primary fuel source will give you greater weight loss results, more energy and more mental clarity during the day. Try to hit at least 15 to 20 minutes of some kind of physical exercise in the morning.

1:27 – And I know it’s something that you hear a lot – but preparing meals in advance will develop a certain discipline within your mind that will spill over into your business life. Forming a set discipline with preparing your food promotes the fitness level you are striving to reach as well as nourish the regimented skills that entrepreneurs and CEO’s have to construct in order to be the best they can be.

2:23 – This next tip is simple: MOVE MORE. Find ways to implement walking or standing into your daily routine. Stand-up desks in the office are a great way to keep your energy heightened because subconsciously your mind is coordinating with the body to maintain the standing posture. Standing also keeps your metabolism peaked since your blood flow will and circulation will be ramped up.

3:20 – Lastly, you’ve got to make it a priority. Now it’s a wide misconception that if you are fitness focused that it’s impossible to spread your attention elsewhere – that’s false. It’s all about balance and it’s all about your priorities. Business and fitness both require an alpha male mindset, they are one in the same.

4:33 – So at the end of the day it’s not just about health and wellness – we are talking about performance here. Optimizing your fitness will optimize your business and in turn optimize your business.

Get six pack abs in record time:

Hey guys thanks for tuning in this week – Juggling business and fitness is tough; trust me, I used to carry around over 30+ pounds of excess body fat before I picked up the tips and tricks that the guys at Six Pack Shortcuts gave me to get into the best shape of my life…

Discover the fat-burning tricks that I used to get six pack abs:

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