Get a ripped body fast:

Hey guys what’s up it’s Henry Tran & Jonny here with Six Pack Shortcuts and we’re gonna take you through a super fast, killer bi & tri superset to help you get bigger, shredded looking arms. We’ll do 3 rounds, 12 exercises each, and we’ll even add some things in there to make it a little more difficult, or increase the weight a little bit as we go.

Workout Breakdown:
We’re gonna do a buddy system, so while Jonny does Biceps first, I’ll do triceps – and then we’ll swap. Keep a minimal amount of rest. It’s super quick, but you’re going to get a crazy pump out of it.

The first move is dumbbell bicep curls, mimicking a barbell curl. We’re using dumbbells today to get better isolateral movement so that the dominant arm doesn’t take over, and each arm gets the exact same amount of work. Standing up, make sure not to sway backwards to use momentum to get the weight up, and keeping your elbows as stationary as possible, squeeze your biceps to bring the weight up to your shoulders, and slowly and controlled, let it come back down.

Second move of this superset is Bench Dips: Sitting with your back against the length of the bench, bring your arms up and backwards to rest your hands on the bench and feet out in front of you on the floor. You should then be able to push your body up, straightening out the arms by squeezing the triceps. Lower yourself back down, and repeat. Keep a bend in your knees if you need to. Add a box to rest your feet on to make it more challenging. You can even add a dumbbell on your lap to add more resistance.

0:47 Round 1 Dumbbell Curls – Jonny

1:06 Round 1 Bench Dips – Henry

1:27 Round 1 Bench Dips – Jonny

1:30 Round 1 Bicep Curls – Henry

3:33 Round 2 Bench Dips – Henry

3:53 Round 2 Bicep Curls – Jonny

4:28 Round 2 Bench Dips – Jonny

4:44 Round 2 Bicep Curls – Henry

6:17 Round 3 Bicep Curls – Jonny

6:31 Round 3 Bench Dips – Henry

7:06 Round 3 Bicep Curls – Henry

7:23 Round 3 Bench Dips – Jonny

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Thanks for watching guys – We got a really good pump from that work out even though it was super quick. Not every workout has to take an hour. Keep pushing yourself to do better than you did the day before. Don’t forget to check us out if you’re trying to build lean muscle everywhere, drop body fat, and become an overall healthier version of yourself. The way to getting ripped fast is here:

Keep training hard.

Henry & Jonny

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