How To Instantly Reduce Muscle Soreness

How To Instantly Reduce Muscle Soreness



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Hey guys, Henry here from Six Pack Shortcuts and today I’m gonna show you some techniques to help you recover faster from your workouts so that you can get back into the gym and hit it hard again.

0:25 – For continued muscle growth, you need good recovery, and one great method to help is FOAM ROLLING. Doing this means rolling out some of the kinks and knots in your trouble areas, and really just pushing the soreness out of the muscle. This will also help more oxygen and blood flow get to the muscle you just worked out so it can heal faster.

1:14 – There are different types of foam rollers – some are cushioned, some just plain PVC pipe. If you’re REALLY sore you can use a cushioned one, but if you want to really get kinks out, you can use a harder surface.

2:18 – For the calves, start out on the ground with the foam roller on the floor. Push yourself up with your hands so that your calves are putting pressure on the foam roller. Then, start rolling from the top of the muscle to the bottom, for about 10 reps and 5 rounds. You can do one leg at a time, or two.

3:19 – For hamstrings, it’s similar. Roll the foam roller under the hamstrings and you can do both legs at the same time, or one at a time for more pressure. Do 10 reps, 5 rounds again.

3:46 – You can also roll your lower back. Lean back onto the foam roller, and roll through your lower back up to your waistline about halfway up your back, and down to the top of your glutes.

4:20 – We can also do the upper back – lying down, with the foam roller under your back, lift your bottom off the floor to put the pressure onto your back. Start at the top. If you keep your arms crossed, it can help you open up your shoulder blades so you can roll out the muscle underneath.

5:50 – If you’re like me, and you get really bad tension and knots in your lats, turn on your side and place the roller under you, kind of on your ribcage and right underneath your shoulder blade. With your arm lifting up, just start rolling through the lat and work out the tension. Use your legs to help you roll.

6:21 – Rolling the triceps. Get into a similar position as you did for the lats, but a little further down and away from the roller, and put your arm on top of the roller. Begin rolling right above your elbow and up to the area right underneath the armpit. You can turn your hand up or down to hit the different heads of the tricep too.

7:47 – To roll the glutes, sit on top of the foam roller, cross one leg over the other knee, stabilize yourself by putting on hand behind you, and then roll over the glute on the leg that’s crossed.

8:19 – We can also roll out the IT band, which is a long band of fascia that runs from the hip down the thigh, to the knee. It gets really tight on a lot of people and you can use foam rolling to help work out some of the tightness. If you just did the glutes you can just turn over onto your side and roll it out from the bottom part of your hip (or where your thigh goes into your hip) and roll down to right above the knee. If your feet are off the ground, you will have more pressure, but if your feet are on the ground, you can better control the amount of pressure.

9:10 – To roll the quads, position yourself on the foam roller face down, with your thighs resting on the roller. Use your hands to stabilize you and push yourself back and forth on the foam roller, getting the area from your upper knee to the top of the thighs. For more pressure, lift one leg up.

9:30 – Foam rolling is really beneficial for staying conditioned, your mobility, and muscle growth. You want muscle to have enough flexibility to reach their longest range of motion and contract from that elongated position to get the best contraction and pump.

10:19 – You can use other things like tennis balls or lacrosse balls to get into smaller, deeper areas, like your shoulders and delts, or deep under the lats, pec & front delt area, or even the deeper gluteal muscles.

10:50 – You can do this in the morning or at night to help that night time muscle recovery, or before or after your work out. You will see lots of improvements in flexibility and mobility which will help you lift better in the long run and stay conditioned for the best physique possible.

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Thanks for watching again! And don’t forget to be really careful about your personal muscle recovery. Some workouts just tear your muscles up a lot more than others. When you foam roll and use other recovery techniques you will allow your body to reset and get ready to do that tough workout again so that you can get the biggest possible gains. For more old school tips for getting shredded fast:


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