Fast 10 Minute Arm Workout

Fast 10 Minute Arm Workout



Get Quick And Rapid Results:

Hey guys, it’s Jonny again! Today I’m going to show you a work out to really blast your bi’s and tri’s for massive arms using bicep/tricep supersets and negatives to really put your muscles under tension and get a huge pump.

Before we get started, we need to talk about progression: If you’re increasing your weight, but you let your form get messy, you probably won’t see gains! So today, don’t worry about the weight. Just complete the reps, negatives, and sets. Then next time, add more reps or sets, but not even more weight yet. Once you feel like the weight is just too light, and you know you can easily do more weight and keep that perfect form… then go for it!

Workout Breakdown
3 quick supersets with negatives:

First superset:
Standing EZ bar bicep curls for 10-12 reps, 3-5 second negatives for each rep.
–Move very slow and controlled while you curl the bar up and contract your biceps hard at the top of each rep.
Close grip Bench Press for 10-12 reps, 3-5 second negatives for each rep.
–Lying on the bench, grab the bar with your hands/arms directly above you and straight (rather than reaching wider than shoulder width like a normal bench press). Slowly lower it down for a 3-5 second count while keeping your elbows in, and then push it back up to the top with power and squeeze the triceps.

Second Superset
Hammer curls, 10-12 reps, 3-5 second negatives for each rep.
–Standing, hold dumbbells with palms facing each other and powerfully, but in a controlled manner, curl the dumbbells up.
Tricep Pushdowns, 10-12 reps, 3-5 second negatives for each rep.
Make sure your back is straight and your shoulders are pinched back before starting the movement. Push down, bringing your arms straight by contracting your triceps hard, and then slowly release them back to the starting position (3-5 seconds)

Third Superset
Seated Dumbbell Curls, 10-12 reps, 3-5 second negatives for each rep.
–Sitting on a bench with a back rest, curl up the dumbbells with palms facing up. As before, slowly let the dumbbells return to the bottom (3-5 seconds) and squeeze the biceps at the top of every rep.
Dips, 10-12 reps, 3-5 second negatives for each rep.
–Using dip bars, lower yourself down slowly 3-5 seconds, and push up and really contract the triceps to get yourself back up. If you cannot do these kinds of dips just yet, try a dip machine or do reverse dips with your arms behind you on a bench and feet out in front.

Superset 1:
2:51 – Superset 1 – Exercise 1 Standing EZ bar biceps curls for bicep peak development.
4:32 – Superset 1 – Exercise 2: Close grip bench press.
6:49 – Superset 2, Exercise 1 – Hammer curls
8:05 – Superset 2, Exercise 2 – Tricep pushdowns
10:08 – Superset 3, Exercise 1 – Seated Dumbbell Curls
11:54 – Superset 3, Exercise 2 – Dips

Get BIG and stay lean:

Thanks again for watching, and let us know how this workout goes for you! Remember the important progression steps – and don’t be a noob like I was at first before I had any coaching or teaching because you can definitely injure yourself and you’ll just look like you don’t know what you’re doing. For more great work outs to help you get ripped, massive gains, click here:

-Peace, Jonny
PS Share this with your friends, and remember – friends don’t let friends lift with bad form!

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