25 Crazy Muscle Building Exercises

25 Crazy Muscle Building Exercises



How I went form being fat to having ripped muscles:

Hey guys,

It’s Mike and today I’m going to show you my best at-home muscle building exercises. In this video you’ll learn exactly what these exercises are and how to do them properly. And since they can be all done at home, this will be a super convenient way for you to build the muscular and ripped body that women love.


0:02 Chest press
0:08 Chest flys
0:14 Close grip chest press
0:20 Pull overs


0:27 Dumbbell press
0:32 Arnold press
0:39 Underhand grip should press
0:45 Seated upright row
0:50 Shrugs
0:56 Dead lifts


1:02 Pull ups wide and close grip
1:08 Bent over rows
1:13 One arm db rows
1:19 Alternate dumbbell curls // 2 arms together
1:25 Alternate dumbbell hammer // 2 arms together
1:31 Concentration curls
1:37 One arm triceps extension // 2 arms together
1:42 Skull crushers


1:48 Dumbbell squats
1:55 Dumbbell lunges
2:01 Dumbbell calf raises // 1 leg
2:06 Dumbbell stiff leg dead-lift
2:11 Dumbbell one leg toe touches
2:17 Dumbbell seated calf raises
2:22 Dumbbell leg curls (on bench)

I hope this exercises serves you well.

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Train Hard,


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