2 Advanced Muscle Building Tips – With Ben Pakulski

2 Advanced Muscle Building Tips – With Ben Pakulski



Here’s how to build cannonball shoulders and huge biceps FAST!

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It’s Mike from sixpackshortcuts and I have my boy Ben Pakulski here to show you how to turn you weakest body parts to your strongest. This video will transform your thin arms into pythons and chicken legs to T-rex legs.

Video Breakdown:

2 Key factor

00:43 Need to learn to fully shorten and lengthen you muscles. Most people do not know how to train with a full range of motion. Learn in this video for visual examples of how to fully contract and lengthen you muscles to maxize muscle growth

03:53 Place tension on the muscle you choose instead of letting the exercise control the feel. Example when doing back exercises, create torque by pulling your arms apart while they are lock in a fixed position.

By using these tips, you’ll be training more effectively and a lot more save.

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I’ve always had trouble getting ripped. I tried all types of workouts and even experimented with dangerous supplements, but still saw no results. Things really turned around for me once I discovered this 1 muscle workout “trick” to getting ripped abs. Now all my workouts are so much more effective and I finally have the ripped and muscular body that I’ve always wanted.

Learn the 1 “trick” I used to finally get ripped and muscular. Watch it now:

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