Why most guys fail to get a six pack – Step by step process to get ripped

Why most guys fail to get a six pack – Step by step process to get ripped



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What’s up everybody!

It’ Mike and today we’re going to be talking about why most guys fail to get six pack abs! The things I’m going to be talking about that are causing people to fail are all based around the book of the month: “The One Thing” – Gary Keller/Jay Papasan.

So listen up, this book is filled with some amazing insight and can be applied to any aspect in your life, especially as it pertains to getting those six pack abs that you’ve always wanted!

Video Breakdown:
0:21 The Surprising Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results
– Getting six pack abs IS extraordinary results!
– That’s why most guys don’t have abs, but you can if you understand why you’re failing at it and overcome the common mistakes.

0:42 2 Tips to be able to do the right things at the right time:
1) Start with 1 habit at a time.
– Forming habits are important to achieving any goal, but if you start with trying to make too many changes at once, you’re more than likely going to fail and no habits will be formed.
– Making something into a habit takes 66 days.
2) Make sure that you’re doing the “Most Important Thing” first in your day.
– This way you can make sure that your energy, will power, discipline and focus is there to give your most important thing everything you’ve got!

1:37 This is a great read guys! If you haven’t checked out this book yet go to:

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2:23 Six Pack Abs = The Goal
– Why people don’t get six pack abs:
1) Not able to stay on a consistently clean diet.
** What’s the “One Thing” you need to do to fix this to reach your goal?
– Eat a clean diet 7 days a week.
** What will help you to do this 7 days a week?
– Have 5 clean meals prepped daily.
** How do you have 5 clean meals prepped daily?
– Cook all your meals on Sunday for the week.
** How do you make sure that you’ll cook all your meals on Sunday?
– Create a Sunday cook time from 12 to 3pm.
** How can you make sure that you cook at this time?
– Grocery shop every Sunday at 10am.
** What do you need to do before that to make sure that you’re able to grocery shop at 10am?
– Create a grocery list before you shop.
** How do you know what to put on your list?
– Watch videos and do your research on clean foods to eat.
** What can you do make sure that you’ve researched the correct foods?

6:53 So at this point I hope that you’re kind of getting the gist here of we’re doing.
– This is a big goal so it’s going to take some planning.

7:05 The reason people fail is because they only focus on the first step.
– They think “I’m going to eat clean for 7 days a week” and that’s it.

Back to our example:
** What can you do make sure that you’ve researched the correct foods?
– Set 1 hour aside in the morning so that you can do you diet research.
– Why in the morning? Remember, you need to do your most important thing first thing each day so that you can achieve your goal.
** How do you make sure that you have this 1 hour in the morning?
– Wake up early!
** How do you make sure that you have this extra hour in the morning to do this?
– Go to bed earlier. Set a bedtime for yourself every night.
** How can you make sure that your able to sleep at an earlier time?
– Remove all distractions at bedtime. (Cell phone / laptop / TV / etc…)

9:17 What this essentially means is:
– In order to get six pack abs all you need to do is remove all distractions before bedtime!

– Over time each of these will get easier, meaning that soon, you won’t need to remove distractions in order to go to bed earlier.
– Then you’ll automatically be going to bed and waking up at certain times.
– Also you won’t have to do any research on your foods.
– And it will continue until all of this is second nature and your goal is right in front of you!!

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