Top 5 WORST Breakfast Choices Plus The BEST Fat Burning Alternatives

Top 5 WORST Breakfast Choices Plus The BEST Fat Burning Alternatives



Drop inches from your waistline in record time:

Hey guys what’s up Jonny here today to break down the top 5 absolute worst breakfast choices.

Food research shows that starting your day with a healthy breakfast will aid weight loss goals by curbing mid-afternoon snack attacks and binge eating.

So let’s get right into it starting with number 5!

Video Breakdown:

2:20 – 5.) Cereal: Most of us past the early teenage years have already cut out the cocoa puffs and captain crunch by now however “more mature” and so-called “healthy” cereal options such as many fiber-friendly, dried fruit, whole oat and nut cluster options are not actually the weight-loss breakfast solutions that they are marketed to be… Most of these cereals are actually packed with added sugar, preservatives and even use hydrogenated oils in the manufacturing process making them nearly JUST as bad of a choice as Fruit Loops.
Healthy alternative to promote weight loss: If dairy is your “thing” and the cereal plus milk is your fix, try instead choosing 1 cup of plain non-fat greek yogurt, packed with protein and containing no fat – throw in some raw almonds, rolled oats, or fresh fruit on top for added texture.

2:56 – 4.) Bagel and cream cheese: Bagels are made with processed flours that induce rapid insulin spikes, leading to fat gain – Cream cheese is also packed with high amounts of fats and crank up the overall calorie count – and NOT in a good way!

Healthy alternative to promote weight loss: Cut the calories in HALF by instead toasting an Ezekiel english muffin, 1 tbsp natural peanut butter or sugar free jelly – Ezekiel flourless bread products keep your blood sugar levels regulated whereas typical white flour processed breads cause spikes in blood sugar, leading to fat gain… The peanut butter will give you healthy fats that will sustain your appetite and sugar free jelly just adds the sweetness!

4:40 – 3.) Breakfast Smoothies: Many on-the-go morning drive through spots offer breakfast smoothies as their “healthy” alternative to eating greasy breakfast sliders or hash browns but as it turns out; these smoothies are just the opposite. The base, or liquid mix, for these smoothies is literally an artificial sugar syrup that gives the smoothie it’s irresistible fruit flavor – More often than not, these are not made with fresh, raw fruits, which means you are NOT actually getting any natural vitamins and minerals that you would have gotten if it were blended with real fruit. This also includes specialty coffee smoothies – DON’T DO IT!

Healthy alternative to promote weight loss: MAKE YOUR OWN! Invest in a blender (30$) and purchase all of your favorite fresh, raw fruit varieties of your choice for antioxidants, vitamins and mineral content and blend with water, unsweetened almond milk or unsweetened coconut milk. You could even blend cold coffee with a splash of unsweetened almond milk and a scoop of protein powder into your breakfast to really power your morning and metabolism. You’ll save A LOT of money by getting your own blender while also saving yourself A LOT of calories.

6:12 – 2.) Pancakes and syrup. Liquid sources of natural sugars cause a more rapid rise in blood sugar and insulin levels, compared with eating solid foods – This can also be bad news for those already at risk for Diabetes. Pancake mixes are made of processed flour sources that have little to no nutritional value what so ever!
Healthy alternative to promote weight loss: Instead, make your own pancakes. I use whey protein powder, a few eggs, cinnamon and oats – blend it up and cook them in a pan just like regular pancakes. Most grocery stores carry sugar free syrups which make it very easy to enjoy breakfast classics like pancakes… Well, protein pancakes.

8:08 – 1.) And the number one WORST breakfast choice of all time… NOT EATING BREAKFAST AT ALL.

A high-quality breakfast is absolutely necessary if you are serious about starting your day off right – providing you with lasting energy to fuel your day, curbing your cravings, lowering the risk for some chronic conditions as well as promoting weight-loss.

So DON’T SKIP breakfast!

How normal guys can get ripped quick:

I hope you guys found my WORST and BEST breakfast choices helpful on your quest to losing that belly fat for good. The food we choose to eat everyday determines the condition of our bodies – and trust me, I didn’t always follow by that guideline… It wasn’t until I fully understood how to manipulate my body to utilize fuel properly that I achieved the six pack you guys see today.

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Have a blessed day,


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