Three-Move Lower Ab Workout For A Killer V-Cut Six Pack

Three-Move Lower Ab Workout For A Killer V-Cut Six Pack



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Hey guys, Jonny here with Six Pack Shortcuts – If you tuned in last week then you peeped my video on 3 of my favorite lower ab exercises targeting those “v-line” pelvic muscles. I hope you guys took notes because today, I am going to be taking you through the actual workout!

Workout Breakdown:
1. Hanging leg raises for 3 sets of 10 reps
2. Reverse crunches for 3 sets of 10 reps
3. Hip thrusters for 3 sets of 10 reps

0:58 – First exercise will be the hanging leg raises – Remember, this is a SLOW AND CONTROLLED movement, so be mindful to not swing your legs and use momentum. Relax your hips and legs and pull your lower body towards your chest using your abs.

1:47 – Keep this workout intense and burn the maximum amount of calories by cutting rest breaks as short as you possibly can.

2:53 – Definitely take a quick drink break so you are staying hydrated – Very important for your muscle cells to get a contraction and pump.

3:29 – Final set on this exercise, we’ve got 10.

4:00 – The 2nd exercise will be reverse crunches. Lay your back flat on a bench and grip overhead as you pull your knees towards your chest, focusing on letting your lower abs do the work here, guys.

5:24 – Set 2, no time for rest – we are working hard! My knees are slightly bent so I can ensure that my hip flexors are nice and relaxed. The only tension I want to feel is in my lower abs.

6:34 – Back down for the final set. Let your feet nearly touch the ground so that you can get a greater range of motion for yours abs to get a more effective contraction.

7:24 – Here it is – the finale! Hip thrusters on an incline bench – Try your best here, I know your abs are nearly fried at this point.

8:50 – Set 2, these are a bit quicker. As soon as your hips touch the bench, thrust upwards with your lower abs.

9:58 – Final set – Squeeze them out.

10:14 – Great job today, guys – Awesome ab workout. I promise, if you stick with me, your physique will transform under my guidance. That’s all for now – catch you guys later!

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Thanks again for tuning in to my lower ab “v-cut” workout – I really enjoy helping all of you by sharing the best, most accurate information possible so that getting the results that you are striving for can become a much more successful and rewarding journey. It was not always this easy for me to rock an 8 pack, and I promise, it’s still a battle each and every day – But with the proper tips and tools, building the physique of your dreams can become your reality too.

To discover how I got my shredded 8 pack, check this out:

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