The V-Taper Workout: Build Massive Upper Body Width With Just Two Exercises

The V-Taper Workout: Build Massive Upper Body Width With Just Two Exercises



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Hey guys what’s up it’s Jonny here to hit you guys with my V-Taper back workout that primarily exists of only TWO movements: pull-ups and lat pull-downs. Along with this workout, let’s chat about wrist wraps. I am wearing my pair because it allows me to get better muscle contraction with the target muscle, avoiding any extra expended energy from gripping the weight. Wrist wrap are great for isolating your back musculature and take the strain away from your wrists – so for today’s session, I will be demonstrating how to properly utilize wrist wraps to maximize your v-taper, let’s get started!

Workout breakdown:

5 sets of pull-ups for 10 reps (or until failure)
4 sets of cable lat pull downs reps until failure

Video breakdown:

2:51 – Set one: Grip the bar and lean back

3:11 – In between sets, I like to stretch my lats to increase blood flow and of course, pump!

3:40 – Set two: Thumb over or thumb around the bar – Either way. I switch it up with both

4:26 – Rest pauses are definitely approved when you need them.

4:50 – Third set – About half way there!

5:19 – Your form can be relaxed, it’s all about the reps here.

6:07 – Fourth set: Here I go with the straps. Aiding me by saving my grip so I can continue getting clean, smooth reps with a contraction at the top.

7:01 – Final set: ultra wide grip on this one to blow the lats out as far as possible

7:40 – Here we go with the next exercise: lat pull-downs. We will be doing 4 total sets here with the first two being lighter, full range, slow and controlled sets. The last two we will be adding more weight!

8:40 – Set one: Bring it down and squeeze. 10 reps, light weight

10:14 – Let’s get this second set. Bring the bar to your chest, using your lats – Acting as if your hands are hooks, holding the bar.

12:02 – Let’s do them a little faster, it’s a little heavier this time. We’ve got 10 – Let’s go!

13:22 – And let’s crank it up a bit heavier for this final set. 10 more here! Quick but EFFECTIVE

That’s a wrap guys – I had a great workout, my lats are toast! I’ll be sharing more workouts, more nutrition and more six pack tips at, I will see ya’ll there!

Old school tips for getting shredded (that really work!):

Thanks again for tuning in guys. This workout was one of my absolutely favorites when I first started competing because I learned that to get the ripped, v-taper look that I always wanted, all I would have to do is keep it simple. Stick to what WORKS and you can have the body of your dreams too.

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