The Number One Reason You’re Not Ripped…Yet

The Number One Reason You’re Not Ripped…Yet



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What up guys it’s Mike here with my boy Jonny today to talk about getting RIPPED. How to get ripped, and of course… How to STAY ripped. I’ve got Jonny here to pick his brain on the matter… And the truth is, your perception may not always be reality when it comes to what it really takes to reach your most chiseled physique.

Video Breakdown:

0:29 – So some believe that discipline is the main factor when it comes to getting ripped. But the truth of the matter is that most people truly do not understand what REAL discipline really is.

1:23 – And looking at my boy Jonny here, he’s jacked, so most would already assume that he’s got the discipline thing down – So tell us, were you always this disciplined?

1:29 – I have always carried an element of discipline throughout my life. When I was younger, I always did my school work, respected my parents, never talked back and of course in playing sports I adopted a lot of discipline. That’s how “GOAL” discipline really became something I attached myself to.

2:06 – The discipline to take care of my mind, body and of course to workout has always been a staple in my life. But to propel yourself to the next level, you’ve got to lock it down and make discipline a way of life.

2:27 – And you do not have to be a ROBOT. Enjoying cheat meals on the weekends helps me stay strict through the week because it gives me a reward to look forward to.

3:12 – For me, the burning desire to be big and have muscles was the reason WHY missing a workout was not an option. If I missed a workout, I felt like I was digressing and getting smaller – which was my biggest fear. So being disciplined in the manner keeps me on track in my personal mission to achieve my goals.

5:22 – Another way I feel that achieving my fitness goals of getting ripped and staying ripped was made easier was to simply create a daily routine. Having a structured plan gives you a target goal that you can physically and mentally move towards.

6:10 – So Jonny, what would be your biggest set back when it comes to getting and staying ripped?

6:21 – For me, it’s honestly FOOD. The temptation of eating foods that don’t positively contribute to my overall fitness goals is the biggest road block for me so my principle that I adopted to avoid this is “out of sight, out of mind.” When I’m really focusing on preparing for a competition and getting ripped as possible, I remove all of the temptation junk foods from my home so set myself up for success.

6:50 – The truth is, everyone has a weak point – Even the strongest men have a kryptonite so in order to overcome these weaknesses it’s absolutely necessary to set yourself up for success by creating an environment that will promote your victory.

8:43 – I agree with you 100% – The key is to eliminate any potential risks that will set you back from reaching your goal.

9:45 – So let me ask you something Mike – When you were trying to add on a couple inches of lean size, what were some things that you kept in your pantry?

9:51 – For me, chicken. Nothing fancy. When I was 17, I remember buying 5 to 10 10lb bags of chicken at Walmart for next to nothing. So I would snack on chicken, lean protein, instead of pretzels or chips when I was hungry.

13:35 – Now cheat meals are an entirely different story – You’ve got to earn those!

14:04 – So mentally, a cheat meal satisfies the urges and cravings we all typically experience during any restrictive diet plan. A cheat meal also physically allows your body to never become accustomed or stagnant to any particular eating plan. So the cheat meal will kick your metabolism into overdrive.

15:33 – Earning the cheat meal requires you to stick to your plan, sticking to your diet and your workout/cardio program on a daily basis over the course of your week.

The secret to building a shredded body revealed:

Thank you guys for tuning it – It means a lot to me to know that the advice of the expert Six Pack Shortcut trainers is useful and has changed the lives of millions world wide… Being able to spread the word on how to make YOUR fitness goals is a feeling I can’t explain; especially from my history of being overweight, I know how tough it is to make the necessary changes. But I can guarantee you this, you came to the right place!

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