The Fastest Way To Get Ripped

The Fastest Way To Get Ripped



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Hey Y’all,

It’s Mike and today we are going to talk about how you stay ripped all year long. Some people go back and forth with their body, but forget that! I want to tell you how you can stay ripped all the time. Stay tuned and learn how you can have the body you’ve always wanted.

Here are some reasons people fail to get ripped:
1) Not consistent with workouts.

2) Not enough willpower to eat clean.

Audio Book Breakdown:

1:20 Fat chance is an awesome book! There is a ton of information in this book that helps guys like us get ripped and stay ripped.

1:58 If you haven’t checked it out yet, you can get it free now at It is a cool promotion and you get your first audio book free!

2:22 Controlled environments: an example is the show biggest loser. Every single thing those people do is controlled, so food, trainers ect. There are other ones as well like getting married and celebrities that have to get ready for the movies.

4:11 Natural environments: this is your normal environment you are in on a day to day basis. I am talking about your school, job, the people you hang out with and life in general.

6:35 When you make your environment a permanent change, you can succeed and that is what I did to get the body I have today!

8:10 School and work are not the easiest places to eat, but you still have options. You bring your own food or go to restaurants that are close if you can. Bottom line is you need a structured way to eat clean.

9:30 You always want to have a workout bag with shoes, water, workout clothes and protein, because if you are hungry you need to replenish yourself.

11:30 Your friends influence your life, bottom line. If you have friends that are in good shape, you might not be in the best shape, but you will be better than average.

15:00 Most people want to get in good shape to look good in public, that is the bottom line. And social gatherings might be tough, but you can drink and still say in shape.

17:44 You don’t have to be in a crazy environment like me, but you have to do some things to make your life built toward staying in shape!

I used to be out of shape and man it sucked. I just couldn’t lose my belly fat or get abs at all. It wasn’t until I found this “trick” that I got the abs I have today. And the best part is, this “trick” is easy to do, and you can use it today! Now, I have the body I’ve always wanted

Watch this video to find out for yourself if this “trick” can change your life and get you six pack abs, like it did for me:

Train Hard,


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