The Best Way To Do Tricep Extensions

The Best Way To Do Tricep Extensions



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It’s Mike, and today I’m going to give you a quick tip about tricep extensions. I’ve done this exercise for so many years, but I’ve found one way that consistently hits my triceps better than all of the others. Listen up because tips like this can help you get the ripped, muscular body you’ve always dreamed about.

Video Breakdown:

0:36 The good thing about using a rope to hit your triceps is that you have a lot of mobility that can help you hit different parts of your triceps. And you can put a lot of tension, which helps you build muscles, on your triceps with certain rope movements… so it is a powerful tool.

0:51 The only bad thing about ropes is that they are so lose that sometimes it is hard to find the right position where you are hitting your triceps to the max.

Here’s what you need to do:

1:21 You want to be about 4-5 inches from the rope – so very close. You want to have your arms close to your side, with your elbows pointing straight down to the floor.

2:10 You want about 2-3 inches between your hands with your elbows “locked out” or your arms as straight as they can be – and then “flare out.”

**2:33 Example of a “flare out”

3:00 Example of a few tricep extension reps.

4:24 It’s not that a lot of tricep movements don’t work – but when you are working out you need to think about what muscle you are hitting. And if you don’t hit the muscle, it is not going to grow.

Go get on the ropes and hit your triceps using this technique! Make sure you follow my directions, so that you get the results you are looking for.

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I wasn’t always as ripped and muscular as I am today. I was really embarrassed to go out with my friends and if I had to take my shirt off… forget about it because I just felt weak and soft. I was working out and trying to lift a lot, but I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. So I knew that I was missing something. Finally I discovered this one natural “trick” that was the missing piece to my muscle building puzzle! Now I have the ripped, muscular body of my dreams… and it’s all because of this one simple trick.

Check out the one natural “trick” I used to get ripped and muscular:

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